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Autumn Native Plant Sale
Autumn Native Plant Sale
Sunday, May 18 08.30 AM - 12.00 PM
Exhibition Ground - West Perth


The Friends of Kings Park organise four native plant sales a year with proceeds going towards supporting research and special projects in Kings Park and the Botanic Garden.

The next Friends of Kings Park Plant Sale will be held on Sunday 18 May 2014 from 8.30am till 12.00 noon and will be located at the Exhibition Ground opposite the old display glasshouses off Fraser Avenue (follow the directional signs on Fraser Ave). A map showing the location of the plant sale can be downloaded here pdfexhibition_ground_map.pdf585.06 KB.

The Friends will have an exciting range of plants for sale with over 9,000 plants available from approximately 300 different species and cultivars. The plants available for sale will include: some 33 species of Acacias and over 30 species of Banksias; a great range of bird-attracting Grevilleas and small Mallee Eucalypts; there will also be 5 different Calytrix, 7 Chorizema, 11 Darwinia and 10 Hypocalymma species on offer. A good array of Hakeas to provide food for Carnaby's Black Cockatoos will also be available.

New plants at this sale include; Acacia leptospermoides subsp. obovata, Acacia subflexuosa subsp. capillata, Beaufortia interstans, Chamelaucium sp. Mt Maxwell, Conostylis aculeata subsp. bromelioides, Petrophile filifolia subsp filifolia, Prostanthera verticillatus, and Stylidium hispidum.

Feature plants at the next sale include a range of grafted plants including the ever-popular Qualup Bell (Pimelea physodes), White Banjine (Pimelea ciliata), Bunjong (Pimelea spectabilis), Cranbrook Bell (Darwinia meeboldii), Eremophila nivea, and for the first time a limited number of grafted Verticordia venusta plants. We will also have some excellent specimens of Snottygobbles (Persoonia longifolia).

We will have an excellent range of plants to suit shady gardens. Why not talk to the Kings Park Volunteer Master Gardeners about which ones will suit your garden.

A number of plants will be reduced in price to clear stock and will be on our Bargains table. These plants will be half price ($2.00 or $3.00). Take advantage of this to get some great plants at a bargain price. Most of the other plants will range in price from $4.00 to $9.00. Hybrid kangaroo paws will be available for $9.00. Grafted plants will be $25.00.

Plants will be arranged into specific categories at the sale and Friends and Master Gardeners will be on hand at the sale to assist buyers looking for particular plants.

Please note that members of the Friends of Kings Park receive a 20% discount on plant sales and that new members joining at the plant sale will also receive this discount. Customers are encouraged to bring their own boxes or bags. The Friends will have Ecobags available for sale as well. Please note that we also encourage customers to make their purchases by EFTPOS or credit card transactions.

For further details or enquiries, please contact the Friends office on (+61 8) 9480 3643 or via email

We look forward to seeing you at our sale and hope you will make enjoy buying some top quality plants. After a long dry summer grab some new plants to rejuvenate your garden.


Exhibition Ground
Kings Park
West Perth
Western Australia
Country: au

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